Tuesday, 23 October 2012


This is the schedule i finally got round to make this is for the next 6 weeks as part of our new brief we are to have 10% of our finished film for december. This is so we can help judge time for the rest of our film and if its working out or not.



I've been recently using mudbox to add more detail to the runner rudy he isn't finished yet but he will be soon. I've still to add detail onto the bottom half of the body which will include creases on the shorts and stitching on the trainers. Once i get a finalised head of rudy i will be able to finish that swell as we are no longer sure about dreadlocks as it could cause some difficulties when coming to animating. I've already on the face practiced with adding skin pores and also making the jaw line more visible due to our characters athletic body. What do you guys think ?

some muscle definition

trying to capture wrinkles in the hand but i think i will go in and work on this a little more

some wrinkles and cotton texture on the hoodie



Sorry its been a while since I've updated this as I've been a busy bee. recently I've been working on our main building in our film which is where our main character will turn into 2d and scale it. Ive been playing about with some textures which i have sourced from cgtextures and added my own touch to them. they are not fully finish as some of the textures are slightly stretched but hopefully should be finished by the end of today. I've also used the physical sun and sky lighting as i think we will be using this setting for our final film.