Tuesday, 31 January 2012


First draft of the story outline that we have come up with so far.

In a city and time where the government has put strict control on art and individual expression. In this city a graffiti artist is unwittingly creating his art in front of one of the many CCTV camera's that cover the streets. Happy with his completed piece the artist picks up his bag and begins to jog down a nearby alley to avoid being spotted, unknowing to the fact members of a special police force have already been dispatched after him. As he turns down a branching alley and makes it half way down he slows feeling as though he is being watched before a member of the police force appears at the end of the alley. The artist turns to run back the way he came only to be confronted by a second officer. Realising his predicament the artist look to the buildings either side of him and quickly applies his free running skills to get out of the trap and a frantic chase ensues.